NHS 65th Anniversary – Poetry Commission

I was absolutely honoured to be asked by NHS England to write a poem to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the National Health Service. I was given case studies and information around innovative projects going on all across the country capturing the contribution of NHS staff, the voluntary and community sector, and patients who are using their experiences to help others to help me write the poem. From an all ability cycles project, therapeutic care farms and memory clinics, to youth shelters, theatre clubs and schemes to get people back on their feet in days after hip replacements, I couldn’t have had an easier job – I was totally inspired.

Here is a short video where I explain some of the context behind ‘Aurora,’ and click here to read some more about the projects.

And here is the link to the performance of the poem.

I would like to mention that when I usually perform spoken word I like to dedicate all my focus to really ‘performing’ the poem. I like to have it learn’t by heart and allow the poem to ‘sink in,’ before I perform it. I’d like to apologise that this isn’t the case in this performance, the wonderful opportunity came unexpectedly and I wrote ‘Aurora’ just a few days before the performance!

I hope you enjoy it.



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